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Textile printing and dyeing mill wastewater reuse rate increased by 10-fold compared to the past
Author: adminReads: 1620
Recently, the national key scientific and technological project of textile printing and dyeing wastewater treatment and reuse of R & D centers (production base) settled in Wuhan Jianghan Economic Development Zone. The total planned investment of 117 million yuan, is put into production, textile printing and dyeing mill wastewater treatment and reuse rate from the current 7% to 70%.
The project technology last year, the 2009 National Technology Invention "is recognized as a leading international level.
Currently, the domestic textile enterprises usually biomass using conventional methods and membrane technology for wastewater treatment, water reuse rate of only 7%. China Dyeing and Printing Industry Association, Li Jinbao dyeing wastewater accounted for 80% of the national textile and garment industry wastewater emissions.