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The dyeing machinery market energy while strengthening environmental protection
Author: adminReads: 1776
 The dyeing industry trends at home and abroad, is highly efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection, these three areas complement each other, missing one can not. Productivity to develop, improve production efficiency is the most direct means; energy conservation measures must be taken to the stage; while the energy-saving measures, the development of the productive forces, must also be a means of awareness of environmental protection and pollution treatment.
National Development and Reform Commission in the analysis of the status quo and development trend of Chinese printing and dyeing industry, clearly the use of information technology and high technology to transform traditional industries, both printing and dyeing industry development policy-oriented policy-oriented, but also the development of the industry of printing and dyeing machinery.
Currently, the the the China dyeing equipment manufacturer has reached more than 200, most of these plants are concentrated in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu, printing and dyeing machinery manufacturing enterprises as high as 80. A regional printing and dyeing industry have done, faster development in the area of printing and dyeing machinery, machinery factory. It is worth mentioning here that Guangdong. Guangdong dyeing from the quantity and quality are leading the country, but in the area of printing and dyeing machinery developed more slowly.
In fact, printing and dyeing machinery demand in Guangdong, mainly relying on Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as some imported from Europe and the United States, so the local device development is slow. Its causes are mainly two aspects: the first printing and dyeing enterprises using local printing and dyeing machinery, timely delivery, contact convenient to deal with the problem quickly and after-sales service of convenience, the natural role in promoting the development of the local printing and dyeing machinery enterprises; The second is a printing and dyeing industry production situation, the local government is bound to support to support the matching industry, printing and dyeing machinery industry is supporting services for the printing and dyeing industry, ought to enjoy some preferential policies in favor of development.
The development of printing and dyeing machinery abroad, the trend of regionalization. After the preceding period of mergers and acquisitions reform and re-shuffle, the country is now able to produce a full set of printing and dyeing machinery for Italy and Germany. Other countries are generally more skilled in a certain type of printing and dyeing machinery, such as: printing machine in Austria, Switzerland, the pre-treatment equipment and so on.
A lot of printing and dyeing machinery fittings, from the early days of swivel joints, cloth clip, chain, suction side is developed to guide cloth roller, drying cylinder, infrared, infra-edge, photoelectric weft, etc., and even developed to non-standard pressure vessel, a small prototype, various sensors. These fittings have two characteristics: First, it is a small part of the entire device, but very versatile A device can be used, B equipment can be used; great bulk, such as cloth roller On some devices, there are hundreds of root. It is because of these two features, coupled with the steady and rapid development in recent years, dyeing and finishing industry to speed up the conversion process of these component parts manufactured by the OEMs themselves supporting the shift from the production of specialized factories.
OEMs own production of component parts, is time-consuming, and expensive work, the costs do not fall down, the quality is not easy to control, replaced by professional factory manufacturing special tools molds, machine tools, proprietary technology can play a significant role, bulk up, costs down, and the quality is guaranteed.
The late 20th century, a common problem in the Chinese printing and dyeing machinery, poor reliability, in particular, is the reliability of the component parts, "leaking" to become a public hazard. Quality of spare parts should be said on a higher level, a walk to the stage of basic normal use. But you must see the fittings in China there is a small gap compared with foreign countries, such as foreign EL, which is a veteran dyeing professional manufacturer of fittings, fittings are not only reliable and easy to use, and often innovative with the world advanced level.
With the development of printing and dyeing machinery, specialized production of spare parts will be to develop in depth, some parts of the "three" (standardization, serialization, universal) such as rolling, wash, bake, steam, and other generic unit it is possible to step into the orbit of specialized production. This is very beneficial to the development of printing and dyeing machinery, will further promote the enhancement of the quality of printing and dyeing machinery. Professional supporting factory developed to a certain stage, it may be converted to OEMs, original OEMs, a competitor, but of the dyeing manufacturing industry as a whole, the overall strength will be a raise.
In today's market economy, a seller's market are long gone, users want to buy any kind of printing and dyeing machinery, will have several or even dozens of manufacturers can provide the user's choice is very impressive. Face a wide range of printing and dyeing machinery and its different grades and types, the majority of the user's selection of ideas and the principle of selection can be determined as a machinery plant an important basis for printing and dyeing machinery market positioning.
Through extensive exchange and analysis of the market positioning of the printing and dyeing machinery development should focus on the following aspects: the equipment to meet the quality requirements of the processing of dyeing and printing products, this is a basic principle; pay more attention to the cost-effective, rather than the blind pursuit of high performance, the high price of the equipment, such as imported equipment; regardless of the high school of the device is low-level, the reliability of the equipment is first; equipment should adapt some process changes as much as possible, to do a multi-purpose machine; equipment is easy to operate and intuitive and good maintainability.