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Textile machinery industry AC variable speed applications, reduce cost and improve performance
Author: adminReads: 1548
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the technical level of textile machinery mechatronics, AC variable speed has become a trend. Almost without exception, most of the new development of the textile machinery products applied AC asynchronous motors, frequency control devices, not only reduces power consumption, lower cost, simplified institutions to improve performance.
TP2200A series inverter power range from 0.55-18.5kW, the Molded appearance, its small size, is the Tiger Power Inverter a custom high-end applications for the textile industry. Loss of power to maintain the functions - even if the total power suddenly cut , the inverter can drag normal shutdown, to avoid textile machinery sudden power loss caused by the broken thread. electronic gear motor can reach several precise synchronization control, complex operating requirements applicable to textile machinery.