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GR211 High Temperature Gauze Scouring And Bleaching Machine
High-temperature, high-pressure kiering and bleaching range can perform multiple processes of degreasing,bleaching, etc in one time,instead of conventional version involving complicated process containing two separate degreasing and bleaching lines. Using the range results in shortening processing time, reducing floor space of machine and increasing economic benefit. It is suitable for the medical gauze, non-woven fabrics and other products, operation towel.
※ Using imported centrifugal pump with highefficiency and good performance at option.
※ High-efficient external heat exchanger capable of improving heating efficiency.
※ Automatic control of water intake and disch- arge, temperature rise and drop to shorten processing time.
※ Electrical continuous run avoiding pause for reverng and prolonging service life of electrical equipment.
※ Main pump abopting frequency conversion controlcapable of randomly regulating flow rate and reducing power consumption when unloading and starting.
※ Non-stop reversion increasing number of liquor circulation and ensuringgood kiering and bleaching result.
※ Pressure extraction reducing water conte-nt in Fabric and shortening drying time.
※ Highly efficient washing svstem capable of Shortening Washing time and saving a lot of waer.
※ Adoption of air cushion technology to re- Ach a low bath ration of 1:4.