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WGR211High Temperature Gauze Scouring And Bleaching Machine

Have the same functions of vertical scouring and bleaching machine, and compare with vertical models: Advantages: reduced plant height, without operation platform. Disadvantages: Big energy consumption (water, electricity, chemical materials), inconvenient loading and draw-out cloth operation, unchanged loading.
※ Using imported centrifugal pump with hig- hefficiency and good performance at option.
※ High-efficient external heat exchanger cap- able of improving heating efficiency.
※ Automatic control of water intake and disch- arge, temperature rise and drop to shorten processing time.
※ Electrical continuous run avoiding pause for reverng and prolonging service life of electrical equipment.
※ Main pump abopting frequency conversion controlcapable of randomly regulating flow rate and reducing power consumption when unloading and starting.
※ Non-stop reversion increasing number of liquor circulation and ensuringgood kiering and bleaching result.
※ Pressure extraction reducing water conte-nt in Fabric and shortening drying time.
※ Highly efficient washing svstem capable of Shortening Washing time and saving a lot of waer.
※ Adoption of air cushion technology to re- Ach a low bath ration of 1:4.