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I Technical parameters
1. Processing time: about 10min
2. Installation power: 55kw-75kw
3. Way of working: full-automatic control (Program -ming controller PLC+10Ўtouch panel)
4. Working efficiency: moisture content as low as 80%-90% after dehydration.
II Features
1. The vacuum dehydrator can proceed with the dehydration without changing the gauze status, so it is safe and reliable. After dehydration, the moisture content is lowered significantly. As a result, it shortens the drying time, save the steam and electric energy, and increase the working efficiency (the drying speed can be increased by 20%-25%)
2. After vacuum drawing, the moisture content becomes even inside and outside the gauze (or non-woven fabrics). It avoids uneven weighting and make the dryer working stable so as to minimize the cloth broken probability.
3. Since the yardage roll becomes lighter, it minimi
-ze the fabric skew phenomenon during A-rack pushing twitch roller process. Moreover, it also reduce the cloth layering and delaminating phenomenon.
4. Once the yardage roll is drawing, variable ions and water-soluble matters are siphoned off. Therefore, the gauze's quality and feeling are becoming ever better.
5. The machine is suitable for medical gauze, non-woven fabrics and cotton pads.