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PD200 Roll Machine

1. The cloth rolling machine is assembled by cloth reel-off stand, tension weft skew straightener, cloth rolling machine, A-rack, electrical control system, and so on.
2. The normal operation speed of cloth rolling machine can reach 250M/Min. The working width is 30Ў-90Ў
3. The gauze is unfolded during winding process, keeping warp and woof straight, no creases, no skewing weft, and no damages (except the defect from cloth itself). The tolerance of cloth rolling offset on both sides should be within ±1cm after the gauze becoming a big roll.
4. There is adjusting device in cloth reel-off stand, which can adjust uneven tension and inconsistent cloth width in gauze's two sides.
5. All the rollers contacting with gauze are made of stainless steel. They utilize new self-compensating electric selvedge suction device.
6. The winding speed can be adjusted from 20-250m/min by variable-frequency device smoothly and stably.
7. A-rack must bear 4T static load and dynamic lo- Ad continuously without deformation.
8. Length ratio of meter code device can be set according to elongation so as to record the length of cloth roll.
9. The machine power is 5.5-7.5KW.