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SH Gauze Dryer

1. The Gauze dryer is assembled by A-rack, cloth feeding frame, plain purge tank, two-roll squeezer, drying tumbler, lap machine, control system and so on.
2. The operation speed can be adjusted from 20-250m/min stably. Digital speed meter is equipped in the dryer.
3. A-rack must bear 4T to secure the operation safety. Motor drive and cylinder pressing device are equipped in A-rack.
4. The machine adopts frequency converter to synchronize the line speed of each segment. The swinging arm compensator can do minor adjustment on the speed to make sure that the cloth is always running under constant tension.
5. Two sides of dryer are equipped with sliding door for sealing. There is exhaust humidity device on the top of dryer.
6. Advanced lap machine is utilized to secure that the edge area of cloth is tidy (tolerance is within Ў3mm subjected to single edge). The maximum diameter is 680mm.
7. All the components contacting with gauze are made of stainless steel.
8. The machine power is 16-23KW.