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KM Automatic Wet Opening Feeder

KM series automatic wet cotton opening and feeding machine integrates wet cotton opening and feeding function together. The wet cotton will be transferred to track right after opening. Every lump can include 10-20kg wet cotton, disposable feeding about 300kg for one time. This machine uses photoelectric control technology, so it can realize unattended operation and wet cotton can be fed to dryer automatically. (This machine can use with B-061 or other dryer). It can reduce workload, because only 1 person can finish wet cotton opening and feeding work on 2 dryers.
1, Opening gap can be adjusted depend on fiber length.
2, The thinness of feeding and paving can be adjust -ed depend on moisture and dryer efficiency.
3, This machine used photoelectric control technology, so the wet cotton can be fed to dryer automatically.
4, Portable design, easy maintenance and can work with a lot of dryer.
5, Total power:6kw
6, Capacity: 400kg/h