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Automatic Hydraulic Baler

Product Purpose
The machine is mainly used for packing medical absorbent cotton. It not only can work solely, but also can work with other equipment, such as condenser, to realize automatic packing.
Small in volume, Light in weight, easy in erection and opertion, Better working conditions and redrction of workeris fatigue.
Ltem Spes Remarks
Sizes of bale(mm) 1000*500*800 Can be customized according to customer requirements
Weight per bale(cotton)kg 100-200  
Overall dimensions(mm) 3200*1700*3500 Condensor and bucker hopper excluded
Installed power(kw) 7.5(5.54) Condensor and bucker hopper excluded
Total weight(kg)    
Max thrust(kn) 3000  
Rated working pressure(mpa) 10  
Baling quantityper hour(Bale) 7-8